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Upsetdem Collection

My name is Sheena Fray, the CEO of Upsetdem Collection! Back in 2017, I started my weight loss journey. I was struggling with my weight! It was constantly fluctuating. This was extremely challenging for me. I made the decision that I needed to be in the gym cause my stomach and love handles had to GO! With hard work and dedication, I successfully made the gym become a hobby.

One day, I was home trying on different waist trainers and they just didn’t achieve the goal I needed. I played around with different materials and successfully made my own waist trainer to help with my constant weight loss struggles. That’s when I decided to start my waist eraser and waist training company.

In July of 2020, I launched my waist eraser! A waist eraser that would help all women of different sizes to feel and look sexy, and at the same time help them to achieve their body goals. That’s my story!

Start your journey today with my Upsetdem Collection and get SNATCHED!!!

Contact Us

Call Us: 347-792-4295
Email: upsetdemcollection@gmail.com
Monday to Saturday: 10am - 8pm EST

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